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The Huffington Post

Dr. Hamilton is a contributor to The Huffington Post. She writes about relationships, self care and mental health issues. Click below to view Dr. Hamilton's contributions and explore topics ranging from stress to meaningful emotional connections.

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She Owns It

Dr. Hamilton served as a regular contributor for She Owns It. is a community that supports and empowers women entrepreneurs. She recently had the honor of connecting with this inspiring network of women. Click below to explore Dr. Hamilton's contributions and explore the She Owns It network.

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"Looking Back on Your Old Diary Is a Thing" by Ashley Ross

"When reading past entries, approach the writings of your former self with compassion, not judgement," Hamilton says. "Our journal entries are a mirror of who we were at the time of our writing, not of who we are in the present."

Click below to read more of Dr. Hamilton's interview for

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Psych Central

"What Depression Is & What It Isn't" by Margarita Tartakofsky

"Depression isn't a choice" -- and other myths busted about depression. Dr. Hamilton was interviewed by Psych Central on this topic. Click below to read through the insightful article.